5 Secrets for Getting Repeat Buyers

Five Secrets for Getting Repeat Buyers - Freelancing tips

Create a memorable experience for your buyer

Always try to create a memorable experience whenever a buyer purchases a service from you. Try to help your buyer even before and after the purchase, so they come back to you over again and again! In addition, the satisfied customer will refer you to their friends and family members. Repeat customers are a blessing where you don’t have to put any additional effort rather than what you do.

Deliver on Time

Most of the buyers expect delivery to be on time or earlier – no exceptions. If you want to keep your buyers loyal, make sure you’re among those professionals who always deliver completed projects on time. If possible try to deliver them sooner than expected.

Maintain a quick response rate

For every freelancer, great customer service means being there for your customers when they need you. Almost 90% of customers rate an immediate response as important to their questions. Nowadays, most freelancing websites come with a mobile application that makes it easier for freelancers to communicate with their buyers promptly.

Give customers more choices

It feels really good to have options. All of us expect options while making a purchase. So, don’t hesitate to give your customers more choices if you have the scope. Study shows that the sale of a business might be increased up to 1.5~2.5 times after offering multiple options for their customers.

Act on customer feedback

If you want to encourage repeat buying, you need to have a customer feedback method in place. Pay close attention to every feedback you receive from your customers and act on them accordingly. This is one of the most important factors for solo freelancers or small business owners. Research shows that nearly half of customers would switch to a competing company after just one bad customer service experience.

Always remember

Customers come for your Product or Services but stay for the Experience.

At the end of the day, It’s probably not discount codes that will win your customers over. It’s the experience they had and how you made them feel that will make them a customer for life.

So always…Be kind, be helpful, and be human.

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