How To Get Regular Orders on Fiverr

Freelancing tips - how to get regular orders on Fiverr

Fiverr is a great place for a side hustle or even to earn a full-time income. All the sellers want to get regular orders on Fiverr and make consistent revenue, but it’s not that easy. You need to understand the Fiverr algorithm, how it works, how it promotes sellers, etc. You can check out the following tips from different successful sellers to get regular orders:

1. You need to have 5–7 Gigs following the best practices of gig creation. Follow all the suggestions provided by Fiverr when you create a gig. Do research, research, and research before publishing your gigs. Use the best possible keywords/ phrases for preparing your gig title, packages, descriptions, tags, and FAQs!

2. Update your gigs when the impressions, views, clicks, and orders are constantly low. You can easily monitor these factors from the Gig Performance report. You should be active on the Fiverr Forum to get the latest updates released by Fiverr.

3. We all know that videos tend to increase the engagement rate more than images. Including a video in your gig allows you to describe your services more professionally. While it may not improve your gig ranking significantly, it will surely increase your conversion rates.

4. Avoid lowering your gig prices. Increase your gig price as per Fiverr recent recommendations. Also, it plays a vital role in search results nowadays. The more you charge the buyer, the more revenue Fiverr earns.

5. Reply promptly because the fastest reply increases the chances of getting an order. The Fiverr mobile app is helpful for this.

6. Send buyer requests daily. Avoid using copy-paste template for buyer request-reply and try applying different strategies.

7. You can consider doing paid marketing to reach your target buyers and make regular sales. However, in this case, if you do not have a good experience in marketing, you can take the advice of an expert marketer.

8. Update your skills and knowledge base. To provide the best service to your buyers, you’d need to upgrade your skills.

9. Results matter in freelancing, so focus on that! Successful sellers are results-oriented professionals who focus on getting the best outcome for their buyers with each project they work on.

You would need a deep understanding of the marketplace and all of the tools that are available for you on the platform to succeed as a freelancer. 

Happy Freelancing!

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